Friday, October 10, 2014

Steal My Heart

Need a few minutes to yourself during the day and can't seem to wait until baby's nap time?  I have the perfect step by step solution!  Here is what you will need...

- highchair
- small piece of cardboard 
- plastic sandwich bag
- finger paints
- your child!

1. Strap your little into his/her highchair in a safe place you are comfortable leaving them while they complete this activity. 

2. Cut a shape out of your cardboard. I chose a heart. 

3. Stick your cardboard shape into the plastic sandwich bag and squeeze in paints. Seal tightly. 

4. Give the bag to your little to explore and feel. This is a great sensory activity and kept my wild guy occupied and happy for 30 minutes.

5. Go do what you have to do! 

6. Come back and check out the adorable masterpiece created by your little! 

I am a stay at home mom and sometimes you just need a few minutes to yourself to get back on track.  Hope this gave you an idea and you try it out too!!