Friday, April 30, 2010

Magazine Faces

First Deadly Sin?


xo L

Jimmy Choo "Zena" $1095
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

girls best friend

It is essential in every woman's wardrobe to include a fitted blazer. Don't get me wrong, obviously I think boyfriend blazers are great, but there is just something about a men's-wear piece tailored for a woman's figure.

I pulled mine out of hiding to create a versatile outfit. I had an important meeting that I needed to look professional for, but directly after I was meeting friends for drinks at a local dive bar and there was no time to change. Not to look under or over dressed for both occasions... I plotted my ensemble plan.

LOVELOVE the back pleats of the blazer... that along with the brass button hardware sold me.

So I took off the blazer, added my favorite trucker hat, and I went from chic to casual, just what I was looking to do. Simple enough right? The choice of accessories and shoes helped to spice up a plain white V-neck. Buttttt... I'll be honest - the hat didn't stay on for too long. I was having a good hair day!

Blazer: Bebe
VNeck: H&M
Jeans: True Religion
Shoes : Dolce Vita "April"
Hat: Faith Connexion
Rosary and Panther Ring: F21
Sunnies : Ray Ban

xo L

PS - Thought it was funny when I got an email from a reader commenting on my rosary and how "Jersey" I am. I am not a guidette nor do I live at the South Jerz shore, but taken as a compliment ;)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let Nature Rock

These pictures were taken in my parent's massive back yard. They have about 75 acres of undeveloped land that they live on, which makes for a beautiful backdrop. Just a few simple pictures to highlight my "Let Nature Rock" burnout tank that I love in honor of Earth Day.

In case you are wondering, that flamingo lives in my backyard. He is my Dad's newest addition to his eclectic collection of "stuff." If you knew my Dad you would understand.

Tank: 291
Skirt: Juicy Couture
Clogs: Jeffrey Campbell
Turtle Ring: F21

My JC clogs came too!! I wouldn't necessarily wear them with this outfit... but I really wanted them in the pictures and I couldn't wait for an appropriately styled outfit..ha.

xo L

Monday, April 19, 2010

The New "It" Shoe

When Crocs first came out I pretty much held back gags every time I saw them. I don't care how comfortable - the horrid array of colors, the random items people stuck into the holes - squishy, rubbery, flat clogs? I just wasn't feeling it.

So when the buzzzzz started about Alexa Chung's Chanel "shoes" on the cover of March's UK Vogue I was expecting a sky high stiletto, a sexy wedge, some hot gladiator sandal... boy was I wrong.

Initial reaction - Alexa Chung is sporting shoes that look like Crocs on heels? Really?? Coco Chanel will strike me dead, Uncle Karl will come and find me - therefore, I KID.

The updated style clogs are the Cinderella to the Croc's Ugly Step Sister.


Miu Miu

Elizabeth and James

I was on the fence for quite some time about the clogs. Seeing the Elizabeth and James style started changing my mind, but I wasn't about the peep toe and thinner heel. If it's going to be a clog, then it needs to be done right. (ie - closed toe, chunky heel, Chanel style) But with Chanel's "price upon request" (I'm not surprised, that's Lagerfeld) price tag, you know those bad boys would have me living on crackers and tap water for months... plus riding my Huffy around town.

True to form... Jeffrey Campbell had just what I was craving. Perfect for Spring, and just like Chanel's. These called out to me...and I answered.

Jeffrey Campbell "Charlie"

I had to order them...because naturally they are sold out everywhere, just like the Ticks were...but I did locate a pair! Now I will just have to figure out how I want to rock them...without pulling a Naomi Campbell circa 1993 at the Vivenne Westwood fashion show.

So, I'm team clog. Maybe I'll also pick up a pair of Crocs. HA NOT.

xo L

NOTE: Nordstrom carries the JC "Charlie C" Clogs which are a completely different shoe and fit than the JC "Charlie." If you are ordering online and need some deets, let me know, I did my homework and have the scoop on that situation.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Weekend in the Life of...

This weekend was probably one of the best I have had in a LONG time. I found myself with a lot of spare time that was quickly filled up with friends, family and FUNFUNFUN.

I decided to do a post that reflects me in my "real" life, versus my normal outfit or editorial posts.

Saturday night, me and my girls took Hoboken by storm and had the perfect ladies night out. Here's how it went down...

(above) my friend's FAB shoes!! So cute!!

I polished my toe nails with Essie's "Vinyl Bikini" white polish. I was kind of unsure about buying it because I was afraid I'd look like I grabbed the white-out bottle instead of the nail polish... but I really like how it looks. What do you guys think? Would you rock white nail polish or does it need to go?

Dress: Rory Beca - Jewelry: Bebe and F21 - Baguette: Prada (gift from my fiance!) - Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Today my fiance took me to NYC for some shopping and a date in Little Italy. The quality of the pictures are pretty poor... because I forgot my camera. Rookie move I know. So I made do with my Blackberry. Here's where we visited...

You can imagine all the goodies that were waiting for me in Acne!


Its not a day without Jamba!

One of the best vintage stores for finding re-sale designer clothing.

GORGEOUS apartment building on Broome ... even the security grates are beautiful! Can I move in please?

Stumbled upon the Dolce and Gabbana shoot!!

I peeked around the security screen and snapped this shot. Sadly, no sexy male models present.

Date at Casa Bella!

I ended the perfect weekend with my little boo, Jordan. It never ceases to amaze me how much a dog can love you.

How was your weekend?! Fill me in!

xo L

PS - In case you are wondering why Friday night is not included, it is because I went to happy hour with my friends and a few coworkers. Happy hour turned into happy night... and there is NO DIGITAL EVIDENCE of this rediculous tryst. Thank god.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things (Part Deux)

As most of you know, I am newly engaged. The planning and preparation has been non-stop and so exciting!

So lately I have been looking for the perfect LWD (little white dress) to wear to my engagement party. Naturally, being the out of control shopper than I am, I have found not only one, but THREE beautiful prospects for the party...and I want your input!

1. Bebe's Belted "Sailor" Dress. I loved it because you can wear the straps so many different ways, or strapless! (see a better picture here)

2. Asos Ruffle Sleeve Lace Cocktail Dress. I wasn't going to mix black with my ensemble, but the back of the dress is what totally sold me, the cute bow was to die for.

3. You know how I mentioned that H&M's Garden Collection sold out THE DAY it came out? And every fashionista's must have dress was virtually unattainable? Wellll SOMEHOW I got that dress in the cream color!

From H&M's Garden Collection

Here it is in red too... equally as gorgeous.

So that leaves the question... what shoes to wear to top off the look?! I'm wearing white, so obviously its all about the pop of color. Here are the ones in my collection that I am considering:

1. Aldo's suede "Starace"


2. Christian Louboutin's "So Private"

Buttttt... if I do wear the ASOS cocktail dress its going to be either:

these new peep toe shoe-boots in black...

(I bought the tan ones too because I was suffering from Chloe depression since these were completely sold out...can't win them all!)

Or ...

Dolce Vita's "April" Pump

Since the dress is slightly detailed already with the lace, ruffles, and bow, a loud color shoe wouldn't work, and would also take away the detail of the dress.

So, What do YOU think?? I can't wait to hear your input.

xo L

PS - Happy Friday!