Sunday, February 28, 2010

New York... je t'aime

This weekend rang in an over-due city visit, and of course a celebration was to be had. And where else to spend a weekend than the bright lights of New York City?

A celebration in the city calls for a well thought out ensemble. For me it was all about the shoes. By some miraculous feat of God I scored a pair of the sold-out-everywhere Jeffrey Campbell "Tick" wedge booties. Pebbled leather, studded wedge, zip-up sexual seduction. So of course, my outfit was all about the shoes.

I kept it simple, pairing a solid black cami with a black flat-pleat mini (LOVELOVE the exposed back zip on the skirt. It adds a little raw edge to a feminine piece). Then jazzed it up with accessories and let the shoes speak for themselves... and did they ever.

Slipping on these 5 inchers turned me into a statuesque blonde frolicking around the streets of NYC. And at already 5'9" ... I turned a few heads (maybe in fear). Believe it or not... these wedges are SO COMFORTABLE they put the Juicy ballerina flats I wore in to shame!! I had my emergency band-aid blister kit on hand (a MUST with any heels and late night drinks and dancing) and I didn't even need to use it. Holler that.

My accessories included vintage chandelier earrings, bangles, and my favorite piece of costume jewelry in my collection...

This cocktail ring gets more attention than any piece of jewelry I have ever rocked. I usually have at least 4 to 5 people commenting on it whenever I wear it out. And rightfully so! Its pretty fierce and thats why I had to have it!

The best part of my outfit besides what is mentioned above?? My new gorgeous engagement ring...!

xo L

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Faking It

If you've been to Canal Street in New York you've been harassed by the peddlers selling that Louis Vuitton for a ridiculously cheap price. You've followed the woman a block and a half to an underground lair full of Chanel, Coach, Fendi, Prada, Gucci and Juicy Couture heaven. You've bartered for a piece of "designer" history, hoping to drop the seller down $10 or $12 before leaving with your score. You've bragged to a friend about how cheap you got your "Prada," or lied and pretended the handbag was real.

Any readers have a younger sibling, cousin, niece or nephew? If you grew up in a country that mass produced these products you could thank them for your new "Chanel" handbag. Fake designer items are produced in countries that use child labor. Many times these children are working in fabulous conditions - starved, chained, refused when needing to use the restroom, and even beaten. Nice right? One recent report of a raid in Thailand tells about children who were found with broken legs because they wanted to "go outside and play" instead of producing these counterfeit products. The boss of that sweatshop made sure that no playing would happen didn't he? These companies are STEALING childhoods.

Still loving your "Coach" handbag? Read on.

After 9/11 our country felt a nation-wide support never seen before. people wanted to help each other to defend our country's honor; to build the American people up again from one of the most vicious terrorist attacks in history. U.S. authorities have reported that the sale of counterfeit goods is a source of funding for terrorist groups throughout the world. By buying that handbag, pair of sunglasses, walled, hat etc. YOU are contributing to the growth of terrorism. Embarassing isn't it? Do you remember the raid this past December in Chinatown? New York officials stopped over $1 million dollars from reaching the hands of terrorist groups. But with the worldwide counterfeit trade valued at $500 billion, that's hardly a stab at terrorist hearts.

Many people have the "who cares" attitude because it doesn't directly affect them. If none of this is registering with you, how about the fact that these fake products just look horrific? That a fake can be spotted a mile away by most people? You don't have to be a fashionista to know when some lady at the mall's Gucci is actually a Smucci. Fake designer handbags are made with poor craftsmanship using inferior materials. If you look closely the stitching at the seams is often crooked and unevenly spaced, even double and triple stiched over in some places; the work of an unskilled child. The thread used is never of matching color, and not strong enough to hold the handbag together for very long. Classy.

On the other hand, designers who create their products spend a lot of time and brainpower designing, manufacturing, trade marking, promoting and marketing their products. They have also worked hard to build their reputations as the best in their field. They have spent decades building up their image, and their success lives on even after they have passed away. They are proud of what they have created, and the quality of their product. I picture myself an old lady in a wheel chair, still wearing a beautiful beaded couture jacket from YSL that I purchased 20 something years ago. I'd like to see if the lady at the mall is still toting around her Smucci.

No matter how fetching the cheaper version is, there is no replacing the real thing.

to anonymously report fakes visit
Its easier to just ignore. Harder to take a stand.

xo L

Friday, February 19, 2010

Eternal Fashion Perfection

I may be the luckiest girl in the United States to be able to score not only one but TWO pairs of what could be the hottest wedge booties designed in one month. (here is a sneak peak at one). Without further ado, please meet my new babies. They go by the name FENDI.

Forgive the terrible picture/no styled outfit to go with them but I had to give the sneak preview. I pretty much tackled the UPS man when he rang the doorbell... may cause an awkward vibe for future deliveries. Happy Friday!!

xo L

Thursday, February 18, 2010

50 and Fabulous

You know who she is. 6'0"... 100lbs ... size 4 ... 39"/19"/33" (in real life measurements) designer dream house, pink Corvette/Ferrari ... and a hot boyfriend/husband/pool boy/married lover (depending on his outfit and your mood) that is always clean-shaven and never talks back. But as of late, Barbie has even more reason to make you green with envy. Ken is out.

So who's in? I'll give you a few hints. He's French. His intricately sculpted footwear adorns the likes of socialites, A-list celebrities, and a very fabulous jersey girl. Think sky high stiletto heels and signature red soles. Still don't know?? That would be one Christian Louboutin. You lucky bitch.

Christian Louboutin made over our beloved Barbie girl not once, but twice with one on the way. Don't get this confused with Malibu Barbie. Louboutin Barbie is not your average girl... one outfit, a pair of shoes and a hair brush? Oh no no. Louboutin Barbie is a BAMF.

2009 was the year of "Cat-Burglar" Barbie. Barbie was styled as a red head with green eyes, and decked out in a black catsuit and Louboutin's "Differa" sandals. She came with three other Louboutin styles: "Miss" ankle boots, "Claudia" peep-toes, and "Altameche" knee-high boots. Her presentation? A brown designer style box that mimics the designer's actual retail displays. Also included are copies of Christian and Barbie's travel journal. Did I mention this "limited edition" Barbie was so limited that it sold out in ONE day? $150 for Louboutins is a ridiculous steal... even if they only fit your pinky toe.

2010 marks Barbie's 50th anniversary and "Dolly Forever," will hit in March. This time she is dressed to navigate the urban jungle. The second doll in the series is styled in a Safari theme dress with lace up front, gold chain link belt, pink sunglasses, and thigh high fringe boots with Louboutin's signature red soles. Three additional pairs of shoes are included with the miniature shoe boxes and cloth shoe bag. Side note fact: the "VIP" waiting list to get your paws on one of these collectables is filled up with more spots than dolls being made.

The "Anemone" Barbie's (my favorite) pictures leaked on the Internet and is due in May.

...and FYI - all of the Louboutin's included with Barbie come in actual human sizes... with actual human price tags of course...

"Forever" Pink Fringe Boots

I wonder if Ty Pennington is available to make over the dream house?

xo L

Each doll retails for $150
Christian Louboutin "Forever" Pink Fringe Boot $1,575

Monday, February 15, 2010

What a Tulle!

When I was younger I joined Ballet. Not because I wanted to dance, but because I wanted to wear a tutu. I should have known then that clothes would dictate the rest of my life.

I never got into Ballet; I wasn't even a good dancer. It was my social hour. Just an excuse to talk to the many girls in the lesson, distracting everyone from the instructor. Most of my Ballet days were spent getting lectured, then being forced to sit facing the mirror as "punishment." Ha. If only she knew it was more time for me to spend admiring my tutu.

Eventually I gave up Ballet when I realized I didn't need an excuse to wear my tutu. So wear it I did. To school, to church, to friend's houses... to the dentist. Eventually the tutu was ripped and tattered beyond repair, and laid to rest where all retired clothes go (im not really sure where that is considering i cant part with anything clothing wise).

You can imagine my excitement (and nostalgia) now that tulle is making a comeback. It has been showing up everywhere... including Fashion Week 2010!

{Christian Siriano, as seen on Friday at New York Fashion Week}

{J Mendel, price upon request, (800) J-Mendel for stores} (In LURVE with this piece)

{Valentino, $795,}

{LaROK "Punk Party" Skirt, $218,}

Most of the styles have a modern twist to a classic fabric. The pieces can be dressed up or down. I'm not saying you should wear this to the office (I'm not saying don't either FYI) as most of the pieces have a more special occasion/night out feel.

I will definitely be adding a few of these selections to my wardrobe. I also am creating something for myself out of this enjoyable fabric which I am hopeful about (pictures/details to come). I ordered the LaROK skirt last week and I'll keep you posted on how it looks...and the memories it brings back.
xo L

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Pink Sheep of the Family

It's undeniable how brilliant (Lee) Alexander McQueen truly was, which is why his death has left a monumental hole poked through a world-wide fashion heart.

Alexandra Shulman, the editor of British Vogue, said McQueen had influenced a whole generation of designers. "His brilliant imagination knew no bounds as he conjured up collection after collection of extraordinary designs...he was a master of the fantastic, creating astounding fashion shows that mixed design, technology, and performance...he was a modern-day genius who's Gothic aesthetic was adopted by women the world over. His death is the hugest loss to anyone who knew him and for very many who didn't."

I put together a well deserved photo tribute, capturing only a handful of his many stunning pieces.

McQueen was a four-time winner of the British designer of the year award as well as the international designer of the year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. He was awarded the CBE in 2003. The runway show for his McQ by Alexander McQueen line, scheduled for tonight in New York, was canceled.
xo L

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Second-hand Treasure

Having a major daily love affair with fashion (when I say love affair... I mean literally sleeping with my clothes) has expanded my closet in ways I never dreamed of. My collection can now be found in the drawers of my night table, under my bed, in my bed, in my car... taking over closets that aren't mine...

Living at home while convenient, has become uncomfortably tight. Which, as of late, has me browsing new options. I often wonder how my new place will look; I imagine my fashion books sprawled out on the mahogany coffee table... fresh flowers in eclectic vases aligning the granite kitchen counter...beautiful chic furnishings - get the picture?

Storage and closet space for me will be the deal maker or breaker. No walk in - no thank you. But where to find this dream place (and how to afford it!) is the big question.

I have no doubt that I will find it, love it, and make it my own. I have a taste for antiques, so the furnishings I inherited from my late grandmother will help get me started and give my place a history. One piece of history that I have recently fallen in love with are antique cocktail trays. Not just any cocktail tray, spefically - ones made by Hermes or Chanel.

They are hand-painted, old, and gorgeous. Hunting one down has proven to be an obsession; and due to my persistance I recently got a hold of someone who does have one of these beauties for sale!! Don't tell him, but he pretty much can name the price and I will bite. The trays also come with stands (original if you're lucky) so they can double as a chic side table as well.

I won't disclose any more information as to where I have been looking, I don't want any competition! But too cute not to share.

xo L

Friday, February 5, 2010


Designer spring 2010 creations are out and on pre-order, reminding the fashionable that a new season is (slowly) approaching. And I'm getting ready to start introducing white back into my wardrobe. As the fashion etiquette rules go, white bottoms and footwear can ONLY grace everyday life from Memorial Day through Labor day. But for social rebels such as myself, the first hint of heat is a good enough excuse.

Wearing white denim almost always requires pairing with a bold, statement-making top (and nude underwear!!) think patterns and bright colors. I have YET to see a white outfit done that makes me take a second look ... until now, a la Ashley Tisdale.

The Tiz looks stunning in an (get this) ALL white outfit. Usually wearing all white is a NO-NO. One tends to look: 1. washed out, 2. mistaken for a P Diddy white party reject, 3. missing from your bridal shower, 4. on lunch break from the lab at your job as a scientist.

Miraculously, Ashley avoided looking like any of the horrors mentioned above, and pulled off the best I have seen for an all white ensemble. She got it spot-on by adding a hint of color with a different take on bold pieces - the bronze beads and snake pattern heels. LOVELOVE the way the shoes are the "pop" piece to the outfit, versus just a traditional brightly colored or patterned top.

Personally, I would change out the bronze beads for a much more dramatic necklace and earrings similar in color and style, considering snake print goes with practically anything.

But props Tiz, great outfit and inspiration, and I'm glad you went back to being a blonde.

xo L
Adriano Goldschmied is my new favorite for premium denim

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Borrowing from the Boys

Nothing is fashion is new anymore; the idea of menswear for women originated on the runway in the 1960s when Yves Saint Laurent debuted "Le Smoking" pantsuit. Instant.Fashion.Staple. Lately I have seen the trend reemerging and was eager to hop on the "boyfriend" fashion wagon.

There are two ways you can effectively pull of this style: 1. raid the man in your life's closet or 2. pick up a boy inspired piece made for women. I am lucky to be able to get a little of both.

To avoid appearing too androgynous (or being mistaken for a cross dresser) be sure to balance the menswear pieces with something feminine: a tuxedo jacket over an evening gown, or boyfriend jeans with a soft camisole top.

That leaves the burning question... What about completing the look? Wearing an over sized jacket may be OK... shuffling along in an over sized shoe is not. The language of masculine shoes can be confusing (and somewhat boring!!). Let me calm your fears and introduce you to my favorite style of unisex shoes: Brogues.

Brogues traditionally are laced, made from heavy leather, and have some soft of toe-cap decoration (think traveling salesman). As of late, these Oxford style shoes are everywhere; from the runway, to the red carpet, to walking past you at the grocery store (guilty!). Brogues are newly updated with styles that scream YUM instead of YAWN. But this can be a tricky trend.

That being said, here are two simple celebrity inspired outfits mixing menswear pieces with a feminine touch.

On Sienna Miller: I felt that this outfit was a perfect example of pairing Brogues with a flirty and feminine piece (skirt). Her handbag also makes a bold statement against an otherwise very safe color scheme.

On Megan Fox: I have a very love hate relationship with Megan Fox. Mostly hate. But due to the fact that this outfit is both sexy and comfortable it had to be featured. I love how the boyfriend jeans are slung low on her hips and cuffed at the bottom. Cuffing the pantlegs not only allows her to show off her wedges, but also her ankles, which give a more feminine appeal. Pairing with a low cut tank top takes it to a sexier level.

After all ... boys will be boys, but occasionally girls may want to be one of the guys too.

xo L

Featured Pictures:
YSL "Le Smoking" tuxedo suit 1966
Christian Louboutin "Freddy" Studded Lace Ups $995

Monday, February 1, 2010

What's In A Name?

You’re nobody, it seems, unless you can be worn. Actresses, rappers, pop singers, athletes … just a few of the many that have lent their names to handbags, shoes, apparel, fragrances, hair extensions, accessories, condoms … yes condoms. If you’re not aware, specifically I’m referring to the “Magic Stick” Lifestyles brand a la 50 Cent. Is there anything that would indicate to anyone that 50 Cent is a reliable source for birth control?

Anyway, it takes more than a well known name to sell to the hardened New Yorker (Lindsay Lohan leggings anyone?? I think not) it actually takes talent and originality to catch any kind of appeal. This is not the left coast. For example, Nicole Richie recently did a jewelry line for Bebe. I like Nicole Richie, but am I really going to pay $35 more for a metal ring, solely because it was “designed” by her and bears her daughters name on it? I think we know the answer. It may seem easy, being that clothes and accessories are sold everywhere. One may see Ralph Lauren, but not truly understand how Ralph Lauren worked over 30 years to build up that business.

An exception is Elizabeth and James, a line of high-end clothing designed by MaryKate and Ashley Olsen and sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks. If you know me I am not one to give credit unless it is due, in fact the Olsen twins actually freak me out a little bit. Admit it, after Full House they became kind of creepy. But after a quick browse in Neiman, I found myself interested in the “Jessica” dress before I knew who or what the label was. The Elizabeth and James style is contemporary; very uptown and downtown, with both extremes of masculine and feminine pieces. I think the part that really impresses me is that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have knowledge in every aspect of the design process, from fabric to pricing. Not to mention they actually wear their pieces in their everyday lives; not just for press coverage/marketing. Imagine that.

So props to you MK & Ash. I plan to own a piece of Elizabeth and James… as soon as I get approved for that AMEX. If you shop at Neiman you know what I’m talking about.

xo L
Dress: Elizabeth and James "Jessica" Dress $365