Friday, May 28, 2010


sunrise on the Jersey shore

Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be sure to fill you in on all of my adventures next week.

xo L

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Engagement Party

Our engagement party was last night, and I have to say it was perfect. Great food, great music, beautiful venue, great times with the best friends and family anyone could ask for. I am very blessed.

Remember when I asked for your opinion on what I should wear? I loved all of your input in the comments and emails. So here is a peek into what I chose...

My beautiful best friend, maid of honor, sister, Melanie.

The heart diamond earrings were a gift from my Fiance. I love them!

Dress: Bebe
Shoes: Aldo
Bow Ring and Flower: F21

Such a great time, thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate our engagement.

xo L

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today was a lazy and beautiful Sunday. We had great weather all weekend! I spent my day with Jordan and my fiance just gardening and hanging out at the house.

This is my FAVORITE comfy outfit. The sweatshirt is super old, probably from middle school. I altered it to make it off the shoulder, (like I did here also) and voila! It added instant chic to an otherwise boring sweatshirt!

My little man! He's too funny...

The owl pendant necklace is new. I ordered it, thinking the owl was much smaller. I actually like that its bigger because the detail on it shows much more. I have been going crazy looking for a vintage turquoise ring. I found this one at an old lady's garage sale for 25 cents! Its really heavy and sturdy, a real vintage costume jewelry piece. I have seen ones very similar to this one, almost identical in H&M and Forever 21 (never in my size... boo). That just proves that you should never throw anything away. It's going to be back in style one day so hang onto it! Garage sales are the best for finding cool things. I'm so happy the good weather is coming so I can go to more and find some hidden treasure!

xo L

Necklace F21
Sunnies Ray-Ban

Friday, May 14, 2010


Sorry I have been so absent lately. Lots of new developments in my life that I will touch on shortly...!! And I promise that I will do an outfit post this weekend. I have some great ideas in mind and some new things I am dying to share! So stay tuned... the great weather that is coming up this weekend will make for some great pictures I'm sure!

But for now, kind of a more personal post... wanted to say thank you to all my friends, my family, my readers, and new friends I have made along the way. To the people that matter the most to me, ones I have just met, and people who support my blog. This big piece of me that I almost didn't even start.

I started writing because THIS is all I would do in my spare time. Talk about fashion, stalk the latest looks out there, stop perfect strangers and tell them I loved their style and "where can I find that" (I'm sure some people thought I was crazy) and share my knowledge with my friends. Your feedback means so much to me. The "I really liked that" 's, to "Um.. no offense but that is really ugly" 's are great, and I love it so keep it coming!

I'm a little more than half way to 50 followers. When I get there I plan on doing something special for everyone and anyone who follows and comments. I know most people do a giveaway, which its great. If there is anything else that you would like to see, I'm open to suggestion.

See you over the weekend!

xo L

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bikini Season

So its T- 3 weeks until the kick off of summer officially starts, our beloved MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. Of course, I will be spending every delicious moment at the Jersey Shore. Don't worry, I will be sure to adamantly avoid these and these and them .

Here is what I will be packing for my fun, flity, fashionable beachwear ...

Bikinis By: Beach Bunny, Vix, Beach Bunny

Cover-ups By: Juicy Couture, Victoria's Secret, Splendid

Shoes: Aldo, Reef (the most comfortable flips in the world!) Hat: F21

Clockwise from left: Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Gucci, Ray- Ban, Beach Bag: Juicy Couture (snagged for 50% off!)

(I'm sure my fiance would be ECSTATIC thinking these are the only items I will be packing. Sorry hunny, this is just a touch of beach wear only!)

Of course I will miss my little nugget very much, but he will be in the care of Grandma and Grandpa all weekend! Do you have any big plans?

xo Lindsey

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Maxed Out

Testing out my new Nikon on this beautiful day ... perfect for wearing my favorite maxi dress...

I was in the city today... and of course I had to stop at H&M before I went back to Jersey. I was browsing some of their latest pieces, when I stumbled on the Maxi Skirt. The mini has reigned for a few years now, and it seems the maxi is attempting to steal its place on women's hips. How do you feel about maxi skirts?

I wound up leaving with 5 more V-necks. What is it with me and V-necks lately?? I think this pushes my V-neck count to over 20. Half of them being white... love em!

xo L