Friday, October 10, 2014

Steal My Heart

Need a few minutes to yourself during the day and can't seem to wait until baby's nap time?  I have the perfect step by step solution!  Here is what you will need...

- highchair
- small piece of cardboard 
- plastic sandwich bag
- finger paints
- your child!

1. Strap your little into his/her highchair in a safe place you are comfortable leaving them while they complete this activity. 

2. Cut a shape out of your cardboard. I chose a heart. 

3. Stick your cardboard shape into the plastic sandwich bag and squeeze in paints. Seal tightly. 

4. Give the bag to your little to explore and feel. This is a great sensory activity and kept my wild guy occupied and happy for 30 minutes.

5. Go do what you have to do! 

6. Come back and check out the adorable masterpiece created by your little! 

I am a stay at home mom and sometimes you just need a few minutes to yourself to get back on track.  Hope this gave you an idea and you try it out too!! 


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Inspiration

Fall is my favorite season and like many other years, I have been on the search for the perfect Fall home decor.  The only thing on my list this year ~ a wreath for my front door.  I have NEVERRRR been able to find the perfect Fall wreath that I loved under $70, and even some of those left something to be desired.  

After flipping through my favorite home magazine, I found a picture of the perfect Fall front porch including a gorgeous wreath.

Super rustic and but still within my glam taste, I knew I could DIY this one.  Even better - my backyard was FULLLL of hydrangeas with big blooms (falling over) ready to be used for this project!  I cut a few blooms and set them to dry in my dining room.  Tip - cut the hydrangeas leaving a generous stem.  It will come in handy later.

I love the mix of green and pink, especially the ombre effect!!

The trick to drying out the flowers is to not wait too long because if they are too stiff they will be hard to work with, but if you try and use them too soon they will droop.  The drying took about 48 hours.  I left them for the first day on my table as pictured, then hung them upside down for the remainder of the time.  

I went to Michael's to purchase my supplies.  I picked up the wreath, green floral wire, a hot glue gun with some glue, and ribbon.  

I started by arranging the hydrangeas on top of the wreath to be sure I had enough and to figure out placement.

As it turns out, I didn't have enough!  I had cut eight blooms, and I needed more.  I cut three more small blooms, and luckily they were ready to use after about six hours.  My tip - more is more.  Cut more than you think you will need. 

Next, I weaved the stem of the hydrangea through the wreath.  I secured it to the wreath with the floral wire.  Just to be safe, I also added a little hot glue to adhere the stem to the wreath.  I trimmed the extra end of the stem so it wouldn't show.  I continued this for the entire wreath.

Last, I added the ribbon.  Mine had a little more bling to it than the magazine picture.  (That's just me!)

And here is my beautiful finished product hanging proudly on our front door.  It came out great! 

Total cost $15.  Would have been cheaper if I had a hot glue gun already.  I love that this wreath can be used throughout the Fall and even into the summer months!  I can also change the ribbon to different colors depending on the time of year.  All in all, a sucessful DIY project.  So what do you think?  Hope you are inspired!!

Xo L

Sunday, September 21, 2014

It is safe to say that I missed Couture Rehab...Fervently.  I went back and forth over the past two years on continuing to blog and share my style, opinions and experiences, or removing it from the internet all together to turn it into a personal book that would adorn my coffee table.

True to my indecisive nature I chose neither.  So here CR sat, sad and alone for two years.  Generating comments that would appear in my email, reminding me that it was still here waiting for me whenever I felt the need to return.

And here I am!

So originally I thought I would just create a new blog all together because CR has been my (neglected) baby for four years and I didn't feel I wanted to touch it.  But I wanted to blog again.  So what to do?  I decided that I loved this blog too much to leave it neglected again, and this is WHO I AM,  but my life (and style!) has changed slightly (a lot) so it is time for a revamp.  You can expect to be a part of my thoughts and experiences as a first time mother to my Prince, Austin; a little DIY around the house (we just bought and moved into our dream home!) and of course, more FASHION FASHION FASHION. 

Instagram has become my hub to post anything (everything) going on in my life too so send me a follow request @lindstyle 


Hope you enjoy the new Couture Rehab.



Monday, September 17, 2012

Lindsey Lagerfeld

I spent my weekend up in Boston... totally unprepared for the 10 degree temperature difference!!  Going from 75 to 65 is a huge deal wardrobe wise!! In my shoe bag was a bunch of flip flops and luckily one pair of flats... 

Hello Chanel.  Aren't they to die?  Best of all? I found them in a consignment shop BRAND NEW!

I also wore my Chanel classic 2.55 flap bag with an off the shoulder comfy top and leggings to go shopping in the city.  My preferred style as of late?  Let's be real... my favorite outfits to shop in or spend a casual afternoon consist of effortless pieces (*ahem* LEGGINGS) paired with one or two high fashion pieces... or statement jewelry.  Casual with an edge!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey Rehab-ers!

I have been continuing my hunger for beauty, style and all things fashion on my instagram page! If you are interested in seeing my day to day looks, outfits, and my life in pictures come and follow me @lindstyle. I will also post my pictures on here for those who are not into the instagram takeover... but I guarantee most of you are already OBSESSED as I am by by this amazing app.

Don't have time to view on your phone? Stuck in the office all day? No worries, you can also view my page, like my pictures and leave feedback at the click of your mouse. Copy and paste the below below into your web browser-

Here are a few looks from last week

Silk Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf and Mac lipstick and lipglass in "Snob."

True Religion jean shorts, comfy pullover from VS Pink. This pullover is a MUSTMUST for Fall. I'm going to buy it in every color!

New Mac lipstick in "Pink Mouveau" with "Snob" lipglass over it made the perfect electric pink.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!!

xo L


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Design for Thought

I'm a loyal Housewives watcher and I couldn't help but fall in love with the designer Analili after seeing her bright and uniquely designed pieces on Alexis Bellino of the OC and Lisa VanderPump of BH. After contacting them and not being able to get the "Julie" halter top I wanted, I settled (I use that term loosely because the piece is GORGEOUS) for a dress they found for me carried at a local boutique. Then to my delight my dress made a huge splash on this season of The Real Housewives of NJ as seen on Melissa Gorga!

Melissa Gorga in the Analili floral dress

The balloon sleeves are my favorite part of this dress! The front dips a little low so the sleeves give it a more sophisticated sexy look, without being overly exposed. (important!!)

Alexis wearing the Julie Analili halter

Melissa in an Analili summer 2012 design

I have yet to wear the dress, but when I do I will do a style post. For Analili's 2012 check out their website and find a boutique near you!

xo L