Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Babies

I scored these for... ready? 80% off. 80% off!! I laughed while typing that. Awesome sale. I originally wanted Tom Ford's Andrea but had no luck since they are a super old style.

These are super lightweight and a smaller shield style.. which looks better on me. (I won't lie though, had they been a BIG shield style I would have rocked them anyways...)

Sunglasses by Thakoon

I think Thakoon is a seriously underrated designer. (Though his prices may make you think otherwise... he can thank Anna Wintour for that.) Either way, he makes a great pair of sunglasses.

PS... I DID find the perfect fall bag ... stay tuned!

xo L

Say you're leavin' on a seven thirty train and that you're headin'
out to Hollywood...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eternal Studs

New Jersey has definitely taken a more mid-October outlook when it comes to weather this week. Unfortunately. I always get sad around this time of the year. But it's too soon yet. (Next week will be back in the 80s thank God!) Even though I am not yet ready for fall weather, I made it work to my advantage by reviving one of my favorite cool weather booties, my Jeffrey Campbell Ticks. I also pulled out my favorite denim button down that I can't get enough of, and realized how much I have missed the soft fabric. Its quite a difference to put on a long sleeve top once again after running around in tube and tank tops for months.

Forgive the slightly blurry pictures - I'll blame it on the wind. (And perhaps the mood)

I'm kind of obsessed with my Fleur de Lis chain. Perfect combination of chic and grunge.

denim top - Zara
booties - Jeffrey Campbell

xo L

The past is gone
It goes by, like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Summer Sales

I am back from vacation... hope you didn't miss me too much! I definitely missed blogging!

The end of the summer (tear) is one of my favorite times to search for good bargains and things I wouldn't normally buy at full price. I did well bargain hunting while on my Jersey Shore Vacation! Here are some higlights of my favorite buys.

Kelsi Daggar "Monaco." These were LOVELOVE at first sight. I find flats kind of boring unless they have something extra going on. Like the ruffle on these. And they were on sale! Regular $90. I paid $29. This is how I wore them:

Bustier by Arden B. Bag by Bebe (thanks Kristy!)

I found this no name adorable twist back tank top with silk flower pin at a boutique for $10! The same boutique housed my favorite jeans, True Religion... last pair in my size. 50% off! Not a great picture, but this is how I wore the top:

(and yes that is my beach bag on the bottom right mentioned here )

Fleur de Lis chain. I have been dying to find a nice piece of jewelry with this symbol.

Last but not least... the best purchase.

Made especially for me at The Shore Store. I am from Jersey after all!

xo L

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Purse for Thought

The one thing I always have a hard time finding is a good purse. I have many that I love, but never any of a good variety - I always end up with black and nothing else. With the Fall season approaching... I am determined to find the perfect Fall bag. Here are some of my choices.

Gucci Suckey Tote Bag

Botkier Howard Tote

Lanvin The Cabeceo Shoulder Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Fall Collection

Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch

What do you think? The Gucci bag is my absolute favorite but the Lanvin is a close second. The McQueen clutch is a no brainer... his pieces will only go up in value due to his untimely death earlier this year. Plus its perfect for nights out!