Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Candy

Nude leather ... peep toe... fabulous and fiercesome crystal and silver stud embellishments ...

Your dirty you wants to meet your innocent you. The dirty you loves the brushed silver cone studs. The innocent you has to have rhinestones. Attached to a suede or leather peep toe pump, you are now the perfect combination...

With a leopard print interior...? A shoe that doubles as a weapon? I bet they hurt so good...

"Lorissa" by Sam Edleman ... ridding the world of ugly shoes one pair at a time.

xo L

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Street Style - Mollie King

Mollie King is my new style crush! She is from "The Saturdays" (a British girl band for those of you non-UK peeps).

Street Style - simple casual girly chic with a trendy edge. Usually seen wearing mini-dresses and skirts with chunky heels to show off her long legs ... "over sized sunglasses, over sized handbag carried at the elbow" look.

She has evniable street style. I like how she isn't all "branded out" and most of her outfits can be recreated in H&M. My favorite look?

I have Wildfox Couture's "Dirty Blonde" shirt and I would have never thought to wear it with a bodycon striped skirt like this! Can't wait till its warmer so I can rock this look.

(She also definitely inspired me to run out to Forever 21 to buy knee highs in every color. )

Who is your style crush?!


all photos taken from google images

Friday, March 4, 2011

Crave vs Save

Ahh the ever so lovely and magical Louboutin glitter pump. So fun... So easy on the eyes... So easily swept away by red soled daydreams ... and I find myself thinking "$895 really is not that much..."

WRONG. With a new mortgage payment taking a chunk out of my hard earned paycheck I have to snap back to reality. But on the bright side... having "grown up" bills doesn't have to be such a drag, thanks to this recent find -

Meet Pour La Victoire's "Ionia" recently put on SALE at Bloomie's for a mere $182 from $260. They may not be the stuff red bottoms are made of, but they do have a gold stylized fleur de lis at the sole, giving them the unexpected touch Pour La Victoire is known for. A designer shoe AND a bargain? Crave or Save? Its definitely a "Save" (for now!)

It's in the bag.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pre - Spring Fever

Well its not quite Spring yet, but the weather today has me feeling like it! Its beautiful and sunny in NJ today... almost considered dropping the top in my car but the wind is still slightly frigid (and I didn't have a hair tie!)

The past few months have been especially key and busy in my wedding planning (which you probably can tell from my blog absence) but none-the-less I have 3 months to go and we are in the process of buying our first home! I couldn't be more excited.

So along with fashion, I'm going to be able to finally do some interior designs on Couture Rehab as well! I absolutely can't wait. The new place is so perfect and has a lot of character that I can't wait to share. I was emailed a lot asking for a room tour, but my room at the 'rents has been half packed up for quite some time now. So thats not quite how I wanted to be represented!


Me in my favorite hot pink bustier. A touch of hot pink always makes me happy!

One day to go till the weekend :)


Bustier and belt: Bebe
Shorts: Guess
Shoes: Bakers