Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TRENDSPARK! Capes for Fall?

I KNOW you've been seeing them, wondering about them, perhaps even despising them ... but its undeniable, and even Chanel, Marc Jacobs, YSL agree. Capes have overridden the trench for the new Fall coat staple.




My concern? How to make them look a little more glam and A LOT LESS Hogwarts... So after a little research, I found 3 simple answers.

1. Be a little daring with the color.

emerald green cape by DKNY
A pop of color helps to distinguish exactly what you are wearing.

2. Pick a flattering cut.

Cashmere Cape by Vince
A dolman sleeve instead of open sleeve will prevent you from getting lost in the piece by giving a distinct arm silhouette.

3. Choose appropriate accessories.

Kim Kardashian in Thierry Mugler.
Take a tip from Kim K - picking a great pair of leopard print boots, professional handbag, and sunglasses immediately prevents the "bag lady" look. While you do not necessarily need the Louis Vuitton Pegase 55, Christian Louboutin Lipspike Boots, or Hermes' Birkin, be sure that you pick pieces that will enhance the look. Too much in this case will be, well, too much as the cape should be the focal point of the outfit.

What's your take?

xo L


kirstyb said...

ooooh i love the cape that Kim is wearing xxx


i make and sell my own check them out sometime, love the pumpkins below!

CMB said...

i love the capes for fall.. i just did a post on them a few days ago!

Pink Stilettos said...

I am a big fan of capes and have been wearing them before they started trending again...love it!


diane said...

Meh, nice try, still hate them.

Kristen said...

what a great write up!! i'm not really into them but after reading i can see how to make it work. and obviously anything Kim puts on looks amazing.


jojo said...

wow i love capes.
i have one , they so amazing.


Closet Cravings said...

Love the cashmere one by Vince. So lovely. So very lovely. =)

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