Sunday, September 21, 2014

It is safe to say that I missed Couture Rehab...Fervently.  I went back and forth over the past two years on continuing to blog and share my style, opinions and experiences, or removing it from the internet all together to turn it into a personal book that would adorn my coffee table.

True to my indecisive nature I chose neither.  So here CR sat, sad and alone for two years.  Generating comments that would appear in my email, reminding me that it was still here waiting for me whenever I felt the need to return.

And here I am!

So originally I thought I would just create a new blog all together because CR has been my (neglected) baby for four years and I didn't feel I wanted to touch it.  But I wanted to blog again.  So what to do?  I decided that I loved this blog too much to leave it neglected again, and this is WHO I AM,  but my life (and style!) has changed slightly (a lot) so it is time for a revamp.  You can expect to be a part of my thoughts and experiences as a first time mother to my Prince, Austin; a little DIY around the house (we just bought and moved into our dream home!) and of course, more FASHION FASHION FASHION. 

Instagram has become my hub to post anything (everything) going on in my life too so send me a follow request @lindstyle 


Hope you enjoy the new Couture Rehab.




Jennifer said...

i am looking forward to hearing your opinions/views/experiences on being a fashionable mom

some are very hard to relate to but i always liked your blog. happy you are back..., good choice :)

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I love reading the fashion info, and now mommy tips too! I now realized you haven't wrote in a while, hopefully that will change soon! Thanks!