Monday, June 14, 2010

Big City Sweetheart

If you know me well, you know that I am a HUGE reality TV junkie. I don't regularly watch "The City" but I have caught an episode or two and found myself drooling over Olivia Palermo's wardrobe in real life. I know for Whitney Port supporters, Olivia is her nemesis. But come on, Whitney Port NEEDS to toughen up. Its a jungle out there.

I have a confession to make... I know many bloggers worship at the temple of Alexa Chung but I just can't relate to her. (GASP!) I think I need a little more Glam-Bam-Thank-You-Mam. Thus, I feel like I could channel Olivia on a regular basis.

The best part about Olivia? She recycles outfits and shoes! How very refreshing and unheard of!

This Friday I am attending Artistic Academy's "Beauty Can Cure" benefit, which includes the best designs in hair, make up and some fashion too. Ticket proceeds are donated to cancer research. I'm very excited, and for a good cause! Stay tuned.

xo L


♥Aubrey said...

I absolutely LOVE Olivia's wardrobe & her daring style choices.
The girl knows how to dress!!!

stilettolover91 said...

She's beautiful, and I love her style! I'm a big fan of reality tv as well!!

Anonymous said...

I am so like you. I don't relate to alexa's style but I love olivia's elegance and beauty!!

moniczka said...

i just read your likes section...YOU'RE A FELLOW DUBBER!!! I've had 2 VW's and my fiance's on his 3rd haha...I'll post a picture of my rims sometime soon they're hot pink and black!! Even though I'm a girly girl and love fashion I love cars haha

Lynzy said...

OK I absolutely love her looks!


moniczka said...

I can't figure out how to reply to comments on my blog but yea about the car thing the one post shows my fiance's vw it's so sad :( it completely died so he's selling it for parts but it looks so sad with no front end or it being empty inside

LITTLE_B_ said...

love your blog so much!!!!

i follow you yet!!!!



the red bungalow said...

omg - every single outfit of hers is seriously to die for...and who else can get away with leather leggings? i only dream i was as tall and svelte as she, *sigh* back to real life :)

Bre @

Ally said...

Totally agree with the Alexa thing.
I just dont feel anything from her.

I love your "about me" that IS love!


Elena S. said...

so funny .. im watching her on the city right now!
great blog btw ! lovely pics
id love for you to check my blog out
and dont forget to enter in my giveaway

Blackcowboy said...

wow great and nice pictures you show here

Eat, Sleep, Denim said...

She always has amazing outfits!
Eat, Sleep, Denim <3