Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Like My Money Right Where I Can See it... Hanging in My Closet

Are you on Carrie overload yet??! I'm finally going to see Sex and the City 2 tonight! I saw the last one opening day so I'm a little behind this time because of the long weekend. I'm a very big fan of the series so I don't really care what the critics are saying about it... I'm very excited.

I own the whole series on DVD and I watched it in it's entirety over the past few weeks to get ready. How can you not love Carrie? I pulled up some of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw looks to share.

from the wedding of Bobby Fine in Season 5. Notice the nude color dress which was Spring '10's biggest color.

The ever-so-gorgeous John Galliano for Christan Dior Newsprint dress. I heard rumors (and saw the picture) that SJP wears this for SATC2! Also worn in the series in season 3 when Carrie apologizes to Natasha for having an affair with Big. Now considered vintage.

Carrie going for jury duty in her pinstripe overalls and cherry print top. I love that she was so fabulous for JURY DUTY! The only fashion faux pas in the picture is BERGER. YUCK!

I love the look of her piled on pearls. Its one of my favorite ways to accessorize.

"I'm Candy, your candy striper!" Adorable way to take care of Big when he was sick after surgery. Such a cute idea!

I think everyone was speechless upon first sight of Carrie Bradshaw working it down the Manhattan sidewalk in this gorgeous dress. Love how it was paired with a masculine shoe to not appear overly girly.

The iconic tutu dress! Created by the genius Patricia Field. I love this dress! Loved it even more when it made a comeback in the first movie (did you realize?!) and all the women voted "TAKE!" Smart move.

This has got to be my favorite look. From the over sized boyfriend cardigan, to the heeled patent oxfords, thigh high socks, driving gloves, clutch, stripes and bold patterns.. shall I go on?! Its LOVELOVE.

Did you get to see Carrie and the girls yet?

xo L


Anonymous said...

the tutu dress is just amazing!! it is one of my favorite too. I am less found of the last one but the flower dess and the newspaper dress are iconic!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I saw it and of course, loved the fashion- loved the glam, lvoed it all.

Taylor Sterling said... her!!!