Friday, March 4, 2011

Crave vs Save

Ahh the ever so lovely and magical Louboutin glitter pump. So fun... So easy on the eyes... So easily swept away by red soled daydreams ... and I find myself thinking "$895 really is not that much..."

WRONG. With a new mortgage payment taking a chunk out of my hard earned paycheck I have to snap back to reality. But on the bright side... having "grown up" bills doesn't have to be such a drag, thanks to this recent find -

Meet Pour La Victoire's "Ionia" recently put on SALE at Bloomie's for a mere $182 from $260. They may not be the stuff red bottoms are made of, but they do have a gold stylized fleur de lis at the sole, giving them the unexpected touch Pour La Victoire is known for. A designer shoe AND a bargain? Crave or Save? Its definitely a "Save" (for now!)

It's in the bag.

Happy Friday!

to shop 2011 PLV collections visit their website


stilettolover91 said...

I love the louboutins, but those other ones... idk i think the heel on them look too low for the huge platform they have.... but they're pretty.

Kristin said...

i disagree with the previous comment! I bought these after you posted them (thanks!!) and they are GORGEOUS! the pictures online do them NOOO justice. The heel is a little over 5 inches, supports the small platform just fine. The platform is not huge at all. and the insole is PADDED! they feel like slippers!!

thanks again for the great find, im wearing them to my best friends birthday this weekend!!

Lindstyle said...

@ Kristin - thank you! i'm glad you were inspired by this post and so happy you like them! I received mine yesterday and agreed - they are gorgeous and so much prettier in real life! i can't believe the sparkle and cant wait to wear them out!!

@ stiletto lover - the platform is actually about 1/2 an inch if that. I can see how you think it looks bigger... its because of the padded footbed as Kristin mentioned. Any higher heel and they would be appropriate for sliding down the stripper pole - not dinner and drinks with the girls!!