Friday, April 16, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things (Part Deux)

As most of you know, I am newly engaged. The planning and preparation has been non-stop and so exciting!

So lately I have been looking for the perfect LWD (little white dress) to wear to my engagement party. Naturally, being the out of control shopper than I am, I have found not only one, but THREE beautiful prospects for the party...and I want your input!

1. Bebe's Belted "Sailor" Dress. I loved it because you can wear the straps so many different ways, or strapless! (see a better picture here)

2. Asos Ruffle Sleeve Lace Cocktail Dress. I wasn't going to mix black with my ensemble, but the back of the dress is what totally sold me, the cute bow was to die for.

3. You know how I mentioned that H&M's Garden Collection sold out THE DAY it came out? And every fashionista's must have dress was virtually unattainable? Wellll SOMEHOW I got that dress in the cream color!

From H&M's Garden Collection

Here it is in red too... equally as gorgeous.

So that leaves the question... what shoes to wear to top off the look?! I'm wearing white, so obviously its all about the pop of color. Here are the ones in my collection that I am considering:

1. Aldo's suede "Starace"


2. Christian Louboutin's "So Private"

Buttttt... if I do wear the ASOS cocktail dress its going to be either:

these new peep toe shoe-boots in black...

(I bought the tan ones too because I was suffering from Chloe depression since these were completely sold out...can't win them all!)

Or ...

Dolce Vita's "April" Pump

Since the dress is slightly detailed already with the lace, ruffles, and bow, a loud color shoe wouldn't work, and would also take away the detail of the dress.

So, What do YOU think?? I can't wait to hear your input.

xo L

PS - Happy Friday!


stilettolover91 said...

I love all the dresses & the shoes!!! Great post!!

Sarah's Blog said...

I think the H&M dress with the Aldo's suede "Starace" would be a gorgeous look for the occasion. Good luck deciding =] & congratulations on the engagement!

veronicaa said...

Gorgeous picks!
I LOVE the first dress.
SOOO versatile!!!
Xo Veronica

Vanessa&Denise said...

Your blog is pretty! i like the 2nd dress and the red pumps

come check out and follow my fashion blog!

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