Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Summer Sales

I am back from vacation... hope you didn't miss me too much! I definitely missed blogging!

The end of the summer (tear) is one of my favorite times to search for good bargains and things I wouldn't normally buy at full price. I did well bargain hunting while on my Jersey Shore Vacation! Here are some higlights of my favorite buys.

Kelsi Daggar "Monaco." These were LOVELOVE at first sight. I find flats kind of boring unless they have something extra going on. Like the ruffle on these. And they were on sale! Regular $90. I paid $29. This is how I wore them:

Bustier by Arden B. Bag by Bebe (thanks Kristy!)

I found this no name adorable twist back tank top with silk flower pin at a boutique for $10! The same boutique housed my favorite jeans, True Religion... last pair in my size. 50% off! Not a great picture, but this is how I wore the top:

(and yes that is my beach bag on the bottom right mentioned here )

Fleur de Lis chain. I have been dying to find a nice piece of jewelry with this symbol.

Last but not least... the best purchase.

Made especially for me at The Shore Store. I am from Jersey after all!

xo L


Lynzy said...

I am in love with those ruffled flats!

xo Lynzy

stilettolover91 said...

I really missed you!!! You look cute in these pics!! Great purchases!!!

Kristen said...

GTL!! i love it!!