Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Babies

I scored these for... ready? 80% off. 80% off!! I laughed while typing that. Awesome sale. I originally wanted Tom Ford's Andrea but had no luck since they are a super old style.

These are super lightweight and a smaller shield style.. which looks better on me. (I won't lie though, had they been a BIG shield style I would have rocked them anyways...)

Sunglasses by Thakoon

I think Thakoon is a seriously underrated designer. (Though his prices may make you think otherwise... he can thank Anna Wintour for that.) Either way, he makes a great pair of sunglasses.

PS... I DID find the perfect fall bag ... stay tuned!

xo L

Say you're leavin' on a seven thirty train and that you're headin'
out to Hollywood...


stilettolover91 said...

Love them!

Kristen said...

you have great taste!!