Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Search of All Things Zig Zag

Coming at you from my new walk in closet!! Did anyone score anything from the Missoni for Target line?! Even through all the craziness I managed to get a few things, and kept myself free of bruises and scratches!

this is the perfect fall hat!

(ignore the Burberry wedges trying to take the limelight. I have my closet set up like a store with everything on display! Should have moved these, whoops!) I absolutely was in love with the block heel on these shoes! With most of my pumps being stilettos, I thought that these would be a nice change.

My full score: brown floppy hat, high heels, dishes, stoneware platter, cardigan, and clutch. The one thing I truly wanted though, the patterned flats, were not a success. Sigh. Did anyone score the sweater dresses? Those were my second fave!!

xo L


Kristen said...

you look so cute in the hat!! I'd love to see how you would style it? where would you wear it out? Seeing it on you now makes me wish i bought it >:(

you should totally do a closet tour!

Kristen <3

Kerry said...

do i spy TWO louboutin boxes???? lucky girl.

the hat is cute

T567 said...

i hate missoni!!! boring line all of there stuff looks the same every year. overpriced at target too.

Lindstyle said...

T5 - looking "the same" is the point of her line. Just like Burberry patterns - it is how you know the brand. That type of marketing is what makes it successful and iconic. Just like if you decide to wear AX across your chest... brand recognition.

But I can agree that it's not for everyone! Thanks everyone for your comments!


Fabrizia said...

Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

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Mark├ęta said...

great blog!=)