Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Weekend in the Life of...

This weekend was probably one of the best I have had in a LONG time. I found myself with a lot of spare time that was quickly filled up with friends, family and FUNFUNFUN.

I decided to do a post that reflects me in my "real" life, versus my normal outfit or editorial posts.

Saturday night, me and my girls took Hoboken by storm and had the perfect ladies night out. Here's how it went down...

(above) my friend's FAB shoes!! So cute!!

I polished my toe nails with Essie's "Vinyl Bikini" white polish. I was kind of unsure about buying it because I was afraid I'd look like I grabbed the white-out bottle instead of the nail polish... but I really like how it looks. What do you guys think? Would you rock white nail polish or does it need to go?

Dress: Rory Beca - Jewelry: Bebe and F21 - Baguette: Prada (gift from my fiance!) - Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Today my fiance took me to NYC for some shopping and a date in Little Italy. The quality of the pictures are pretty poor... because I forgot my camera. Rookie move I know. So I made do with my Blackberry. Here's where we visited...

You can imagine all the goodies that were waiting for me in Acne!


Its not a day without Jamba!

One of the best vintage stores for finding re-sale designer clothing.

GORGEOUS apartment building on Broome ... even the security grates are beautiful! Can I move in please?

Stumbled upon the Dolce and Gabbana shoot!!

I peeked around the security screen and snapped this shot. Sadly, no sexy male models present.

Date at Casa Bella!

I ended the perfect weekend with my little boo, Jordan. It never ceases to amaze me how much a dog can love you.

How was your weekend?! Fill me in!

xo L

PS - In case you are wondering why Friday night is not included, it is because I went to happy hour with my friends and a few coworkers. Happy hour turned into happy night... and there is NO DIGITAL EVIDENCE of this rediculous tryst. Thank god.


stilettolover91 said...

I love your dress & your fabulous Louboutins!!

shenai said...

cute blog! i'm from jersey too!! :)

Laura said...

Nice pictures, and I love Louboutin... if you want visit my blog and bloglovin if you want follow me...

The Vogue Diaries said...

I love the Louboutins, but I think white polish only for fingernails!


Cara said...

I'm a new follower! Found you due to cupcakes and cashmere's blog. LOVELY pictures. And AHH I do love Jamba. Alot. anyway, be sure to follow me! xoxox

Valerie said...

Your dress is adorable and I love the white nail polish! I've been looking for a great white and I think this is the one. Thanks for the info! xo

Lauren said...

It was most defiantly an eventful weekend! Sexy ass bitches, tooo much fun! Seriously hating Monday! FYI, I was feeling the white polish on Saturday. Didn't look like white out at all.

veronicaa said...

This is such a fun post ! I wanted to do something like this :) It would be fun to do a tour around your closet and room too! I think white nail polish is great, rock it girl!
Xo Veronica