Tuesday, April 27, 2010

girls best friend

It is essential in every woman's wardrobe to include a fitted blazer. Don't get me wrong, obviously I think boyfriend blazers are great, but there is just something about a men's-wear piece tailored for a woman's figure.

I pulled mine out of hiding to create a versatile outfit. I had an important meeting that I needed to look professional for, but directly after I was meeting friends for drinks at a local dive bar and there was no time to change. Not to look under or over dressed for both occasions... I plotted my ensemble plan.

LOVELOVE the back pleats of the blazer... that along with the brass button hardware sold me.

So I took off the blazer, added my favorite trucker hat, and I went from chic to casual, just what I was looking to do. Simple enough right? The choice of accessories and shoes helped to spice up a plain white V-neck. Buttttt... I'll be honest - the hat didn't stay on for too long. I was having a good hair day!

Blazer: Bebe
VNeck: H&M
Jeans: True Religion
Shoes : Dolce Vita "April"
Hat: Faith Connexion
Rosary and Panther Ring: F21
Sunnies : Ray Ban

xo L

PS - Thought it was funny when I got an email from a reader commenting on my rosary and how "Jersey" I am. I am not a guidette nor do I live at the South Jerz shore, but taken as a compliment ;)


Fashion Chalet said...

Love your shoes :)
was actually rocking my TR jeans this weekend too.

I'd say the JS platforms are between 4.5" tall or even 4 and 3-quarters. But surprisingly easily to walk in (just not down step walkways or gravel) ;)


Fashion Chalet said...

Ps. I got that Panther ring a few weeks ago too :)


Ali Skye said...

i would love to have that ring, and the details on that blazer are beautiful!!!
greaatttt pictures

good post!
love your blog!
Ali Skye

Fashion Chalet said...

HECK YES! lol f21 is my first stop for rings! ;)


Eli said...

Very rock look...soo cool..i like your shoes...amazing bog..xoxo eli


Laura said...

Wow I love your outfit, nice post and pictures...

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Elizabeth said...

lovely outfit! the blazer looks amazing!
very versitile. haha



i love the shoes and the blazer!!!!
i follow u!
pass to my blog and follow me too <3
xoxo francesca

Lust said...

this is great!! i am in love with your style!!


i am definitely subscribing!

agnes said...

j'adore tes chaussures, et ton jean te va vraiment très bien

Fashion By He said...

well you are gorgeous! love a tall girl in heels!! great outfit,

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