Monday, April 19, 2010

The New "It" Shoe

When Crocs first came out I pretty much held back gags every time I saw them. I don't care how comfortable - the horrid array of colors, the random items people stuck into the holes - squishy, rubbery, flat clogs? I just wasn't feeling it.

So when the buzzzzz started about Alexa Chung's Chanel "shoes" on the cover of March's UK Vogue I was expecting a sky high stiletto, a sexy wedge, some hot gladiator sandal... boy was I wrong.

Initial reaction - Alexa Chung is sporting shoes that look like Crocs on heels? Really?? Coco Chanel will strike me dead, Uncle Karl will come and find me - therefore, I KID.

The updated style clogs are the Cinderella to the Croc's Ugly Step Sister.


Miu Miu

Elizabeth and James

I was on the fence for quite some time about the clogs. Seeing the Elizabeth and James style started changing my mind, but I wasn't about the peep toe and thinner heel. If it's going to be a clog, then it needs to be done right. (ie - closed toe, chunky heel, Chanel style) But with Chanel's "price upon request" (I'm not surprised, that's Lagerfeld) price tag, you know those bad boys would have me living on crackers and tap water for months... plus riding my Huffy around town.

True to form... Jeffrey Campbell had just what I was craving. Perfect for Spring, and just like Chanel's. These called out to me...and I answered.

Jeffrey Campbell "Charlie"

I had to order them...because naturally they are sold out everywhere, just like the Ticks were...but I did locate a pair! Now I will just have to figure out how I want to rock them...without pulling a Naomi Campbell circa 1993 at the Vivenne Westwood fashion show.

So, I'm team clog. Maybe I'll also pick up a pair of Crocs. HA NOT.

xo L

NOTE: Nordstrom carries the JC "Charlie C" Clogs which are a completely different shoe and fit than the JC "Charlie." If you are ordering online and need some deets, let me know, I did my homework and have the scoop on that situation.


veronicaa said...

I'm still sitting on the fence but great post!
Xo Veronica

stilettolover91 said...

I don't like clogs at all lol not a fan of the thick heel & tall platform!

June Paski said...

I don't like clogs, but I love miu miu print clogs

Taylor Sterling said...

ya I love these, but I have been waiting for mine foe over a month because of back orders! grr

SANDRA said...
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SANDRA said...

HI! Thanks for the sweet commenst! I agree on the jeffrey campbell calling, I have the same ones! They are adorable, you are gonna wear them everywhere.. I wear them all the time, also when I go out and buy milk.. xx

xx sandra

VersaStyle said...

i love clogs.. and i have a pair in mind that i want.. i just need to wait cuz i bought 3 pairs of shoes yesterday. lol