Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Borrowing from the Boys

Nothing is fashion is new anymore; the idea of menswear for women originated on the runway in the 1960s when Yves Saint Laurent debuted "Le Smoking" pantsuit. Instant.Fashion.Staple. Lately I have seen the trend reemerging and was eager to hop on the "boyfriend" fashion wagon.

There are two ways you can effectively pull of this style: 1. raid the man in your life's closet or 2. pick up a boy inspired piece made for women. I am lucky to be able to get a little of both.

To avoid appearing too androgynous (or being mistaken for a cross dresser) be sure to balance the menswear pieces with something feminine: a tuxedo jacket over an evening gown, or boyfriend jeans with a soft camisole top.

That leaves the burning question... What about completing the look? Wearing an over sized jacket may be OK... shuffling along in an over sized shoe is not. The language of masculine shoes can be confusing (and somewhat boring!!). Let me calm your fears and introduce you to my favorite style of unisex shoes: Brogues.

Brogues traditionally are laced, made from heavy leather, and have some soft of toe-cap decoration (think traveling salesman). As of late, these Oxford style shoes are everywhere; from the runway, to the red carpet, to walking past you at the grocery store (guilty!). Brogues are newly updated with styles that scream YUM instead of YAWN. But this can be a tricky trend.

That being said, here are two simple celebrity inspired outfits mixing menswear pieces with a feminine touch.

On Sienna Miller: I felt that this outfit was a perfect example of pairing Brogues with a flirty and feminine piece (skirt). Her handbag also makes a bold statement against an otherwise very safe color scheme.

On Megan Fox: I have a very love hate relationship with Megan Fox. Mostly hate. But due to the fact that this outfit is both sexy and comfortable it had to be featured. I love how the boyfriend jeans are slung low on her hips and cuffed at the bottom. Cuffing the pantlegs not only allows her to show off her wedges, but also her ankles, which give a more feminine appeal. Pairing with a low cut tank top takes it to a sexier level.

After all ... boys will be boys, but occasionally girls may want to be one of the guys too.

xo L

Featured Pictures:
YSL "Le Smoking" tuxedo suit 1966
Christian Louboutin "Freddy" Studded Lace Ups $995 www.christianlouboutin.com

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