Monday, February 15, 2010

What a Tulle!

When I was younger I joined Ballet. Not because I wanted to dance, but because I wanted to wear a tutu. I should have known then that clothes would dictate the rest of my life.

I never got into Ballet; I wasn't even a good dancer. It was my social hour. Just an excuse to talk to the many girls in the lesson, distracting everyone from the instructor. Most of my Ballet days were spent getting lectured, then being forced to sit facing the mirror as "punishment." Ha. If only she knew it was more time for me to spend admiring my tutu.

Eventually I gave up Ballet when I realized I didn't need an excuse to wear my tutu. So wear it I did. To school, to church, to friend's houses... to the dentist. Eventually the tutu was ripped and tattered beyond repair, and laid to rest where all retired clothes go (im not really sure where that is considering i cant part with anything clothing wise).

You can imagine my excitement (and nostalgia) now that tulle is making a comeback. It has been showing up everywhere... including Fashion Week 2010!

{Christian Siriano, as seen on Friday at New York Fashion Week}

{J Mendel, price upon request, (800) J-Mendel for stores} (In LURVE with this piece)

{Valentino, $795,}

{LaROK "Punk Party" Skirt, $218,}

Most of the styles have a modern twist to a classic fabric. The pieces can be dressed up or down. I'm not saying you should wear this to the office (I'm not saying don't either FYI) as most of the pieces have a more special occasion/night out feel.

I will definitely be adding a few of these selections to my wardrobe. I also am creating something for myself out of this enjoyable fabric which I am hopeful about (pictures/details to come). I ordered the LaROK skirt last week and I'll keep you posted on how it looks...and the memories it brings back.
xo L

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Thelma Emily said...

Youre so dead on with this! I am so excited about tulle coming back, and of course, I found a similiar skirt on F21 that has just been sitting in my cart--time to click buy.