Friday, February 5, 2010


Designer spring 2010 creations are out and on pre-order, reminding the fashionable that a new season is (slowly) approaching. And I'm getting ready to start introducing white back into my wardrobe. As the fashion etiquette rules go, white bottoms and footwear can ONLY grace everyday life from Memorial Day through Labor day. But for social rebels such as myself, the first hint of heat is a good enough excuse.

Wearing white denim almost always requires pairing with a bold, statement-making top (and nude underwear!!) think patterns and bright colors. I have YET to see a white outfit done that makes me take a second look ... until now, a la Ashley Tisdale.

The Tiz looks stunning in an (get this) ALL white outfit. Usually wearing all white is a NO-NO. One tends to look: 1. washed out, 2. mistaken for a P Diddy white party reject, 3. missing from your bridal shower, 4. on lunch break from the lab at your job as a scientist.

Miraculously, Ashley avoided looking like any of the horrors mentioned above, and pulled off the best I have seen for an all white ensemble. She got it spot-on by adding a hint of color with a different take on bold pieces - the bronze beads and snake pattern heels. LOVELOVE the way the shoes are the "pop" piece to the outfit, versus just a traditional brightly colored or patterned top.

Personally, I would change out the bronze beads for a much more dramatic necklace and earrings similar in color and style, considering snake print goes with practically anything.

But props Tiz, great outfit and inspiration, and I'm glad you went back to being a blonde.

xo L
Adriano Goldschmied is my new favorite for premium denim

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