Thursday, February 18, 2010

50 and Fabulous

You know who she is. 6'0"... 100lbs ... size 4 ... 39"/19"/33" (in real life measurements) designer dream house, pink Corvette/Ferrari ... and a hot boyfriend/husband/pool boy/married lover (depending on his outfit and your mood) that is always clean-shaven and never talks back. But as of late, Barbie has even more reason to make you green with envy. Ken is out.

So who's in? I'll give you a few hints. He's French. His intricately sculpted footwear adorns the likes of socialites, A-list celebrities, and a very fabulous jersey girl. Think sky high stiletto heels and signature red soles. Still don't know?? That would be one Christian Louboutin. You lucky bitch.

Christian Louboutin made over our beloved Barbie girl not once, but twice with one on the way. Don't get this confused with Malibu Barbie. Louboutin Barbie is not your average girl... one outfit, a pair of shoes and a hair brush? Oh no no. Louboutin Barbie is a BAMF.

2009 was the year of "Cat-Burglar" Barbie. Barbie was styled as a red head with green eyes, and decked out in a black catsuit and Louboutin's "Differa" sandals. She came with three other Louboutin styles: "Miss" ankle boots, "Claudia" peep-toes, and "Altameche" knee-high boots. Her presentation? A brown designer style box that mimics the designer's actual retail displays. Also included are copies of Christian and Barbie's travel journal. Did I mention this "limited edition" Barbie was so limited that it sold out in ONE day? $150 for Louboutins is a ridiculous steal... even if they only fit your pinky toe.

2010 marks Barbie's 50th anniversary and "Dolly Forever," will hit in March. This time she is dressed to navigate the urban jungle. The second doll in the series is styled in a Safari theme dress with lace up front, gold chain link belt, pink sunglasses, and thigh high fringe boots with Louboutin's signature red soles. Three additional pairs of shoes are included with the miniature shoe boxes and cloth shoe bag. Side note fact: the "VIP" waiting list to get your paws on one of these collectables is filled up with more spots than dolls being made.

The "Anemone" Barbie's (my favorite) pictures leaked on the Internet and is due in May.

...and FYI - all of the Louboutin's included with Barbie come in actual human sizes... with actual human price tags of course...

"Forever" Pink Fringe Boots

I wonder if Ty Pennington is available to make over the dream house?

xo L

Each doll retails for $150
Christian Louboutin "Forever" Pink Fringe Boot $1,575


Sarah said...

hahah actually Ken and Barbie broke up back in early 2004 haha she started dating an Aussie surfer called Blaine -crazy toy relationships lol

Thelma Emily said...


Style Porn said...

There is still a 10-year-old Barbie loving girl in me. And seeing these pictures is bringing her out. Is it weird that I want a fringed-Louboutin-wearing doll at 27 years old?