Monday, February 1, 2010

What's In A Name?

You’re nobody, it seems, unless you can be worn. Actresses, rappers, pop singers, athletes … just a few of the many that have lent their names to handbags, shoes, apparel, fragrances, hair extensions, accessories, condoms … yes condoms. If you’re not aware, specifically I’m referring to the “Magic Stick” Lifestyles brand a la 50 Cent. Is there anything that would indicate to anyone that 50 Cent is a reliable source for birth control?

Anyway, it takes more than a well known name to sell to the hardened New Yorker (Lindsay Lohan leggings anyone?? I think not) it actually takes talent and originality to catch any kind of appeal. This is not the left coast. For example, Nicole Richie recently did a jewelry line for Bebe. I like Nicole Richie, but am I really going to pay $35 more for a metal ring, solely because it was “designed” by her and bears her daughters name on it? I think we know the answer. It may seem easy, being that clothes and accessories are sold everywhere. One may see Ralph Lauren, but not truly understand how Ralph Lauren worked over 30 years to build up that business.

An exception is Elizabeth and James, a line of high-end clothing designed by MaryKate and Ashley Olsen and sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks. If you know me I am not one to give credit unless it is due, in fact the Olsen twins actually freak me out a little bit. Admit it, after Full House they became kind of creepy. But after a quick browse in Neiman, I found myself interested in the “Jessica” dress before I knew who or what the label was. The Elizabeth and James style is contemporary; very uptown and downtown, with both extremes of masculine and feminine pieces. I think the part that really impresses me is that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have knowledge in every aspect of the design process, from fabric to pricing. Not to mention they actually wear their pieces in their everyday lives; not just for press coverage/marketing. Imagine that.

So props to you MK & Ash. I plan to own a piece of Elizabeth and James… as soon as I get approved for that AMEX. If you shop at Neiman you know what I’m talking about.

xo L
Dress: Elizabeth and James "Jessica" Dress $365

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