Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Second-hand Treasure

Having a major daily love affair with fashion (when I say love affair... I mean literally sleeping with my clothes) has expanded my closet in ways I never dreamed of. My collection can now be found in the drawers of my night table, under my bed, in my bed, in my car... taking over closets that aren't mine...

Living at home while convenient, has become uncomfortably tight. Which, as of late, has me browsing new options. I often wonder how my new place will look; I imagine my fashion books sprawled out on the mahogany coffee table... fresh flowers in eclectic vases aligning the granite kitchen counter...beautiful chic furnishings - get the picture?

Storage and closet space for me will be the deal maker or breaker. No walk in - no thank you. But where to find this dream place (and how to afford it!) is the big question.

I have no doubt that I will find it, love it, and make it my own. I have a taste for antiques, so the furnishings I inherited from my late grandmother will help get me started and give my place a history. One piece of history that I have recently fallen in love with are antique cocktail trays. Not just any cocktail tray, spefically - ones made by Hermes or Chanel.

They are hand-painted, old, and gorgeous. Hunting one down has proven to be an obsession; and due to my persistance I recently got a hold of someone who does have one of these beauties for sale!! Don't tell him, but he pretty much can name the price and I will bite. The trays also come with stands (original if you're lucky) so they can double as a chic side table as well.

I won't disclose any more information as to where I have been looking, I don't want any competition! But too cute not to share.

xo L

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Thelma Emily said...

this needs to be commented on. this is so classy and chic... i would have never even thought to use these as a furniture piece.