Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letters On My Neck (In Old English)

The weather today is back to being cold, and feeling more Fall than Spring. I had to break out my Fall coat and wear a long sleeve... sigh.

Days like today call for a nice piece of jewelry to accessorize a blah outfit (and a blah mood!!)

This silver necklace was a gift from my fiance a few years ago, designed by Christie Martin. If you aren't familiar with her jewelry, you can browse her pieces here. I'm a huge fan of the Old English style line she has out. I love how the pieces are edgy and more interesting than just your regular initial necklace.

Christie Martin designs are a favorite among celebrities, (Such as Carmen Electra in her Old English gold necklaces!) and her styles adorned Christina Aguilera for a past Maxim spread. I love the cross necklace and cuff!

The next piece I neeeeeed to have from her line is The Old English Signet Ring. I'm in love with it! (I don't think it helps much that the display for the ring is the exact one I want... right down to the letter!!) The stars on the side of the ring are just a little detail that makes her jewelry so unique and fun!

xo L

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