Monday, March 8, 2010


If you are an avid fashion magazine reader, like myself, you know all you're really paying for are the ads. (In my opinion, the ads are the best part, who doesn't love looking at 6 foot blondes in the best the fashion world has to offer?)

Anyway, one of the ads in the March InStyle was for Rent the Runway. I'll let them explain in their own words.

What if your closet was big enough to hold all the latest runway trends? What if, just for a night, you could experiment a little - say, try a one-shoulder dress in a deep, sexy red? What if that dress you saw in Vogue, the one with the stratospheric price tag, was suddenly affordable? What if you had an entire rack lined with styles that were perfect for any special occasion, another filled with cheeky ’80s redux? And what if you had a team of stylists to constantly update everything and offer tips about what size to wear and how to accessorize?

Hello reality. Rent the Runway does exactly that. It lets you rent all the new looks of the season, by all the latest designers... at a fraction of the price. You know that black tie wedding you're going to in a month? The one where you can't find anything appropriate to wear to something labeled "black tie?" But you saw Elizabeth Banks wearing this at the Oscars last night and that would qualify as the perfect black tie dress? RTR can help with that.

Or maybe your birthday, bachlorette party, or just a hot date with the office smoke-show is coming up and you are in need of this dress that shows off all your assets? RTR can help with that.

The basics of how it works?

1. Browse their site.
2. Pick the dress (or dresses!) you're drooling over and add them to your cart.
3. Pick the date it has to be at your doorstep (and it will be there).
4. Pick your sizes. Yes you get TWO sizes for the price of one. (Because who knows if you're going to be a 2 or a 4 that day.)
5. After your event, shove the items back into your pre-paid envelope and send it on its way. No need for dry cleaning, they take care of it.

Of course there are catches. Like don't send back your Mandee's dress in place of their Herve Leger. (duh?) And items trashed beyond recognition will have to be paid for. But all and all, what a great service. I will be hitting it up for some very special events coming up in my life! If anyone uses it before I do, let me know what you think!

xo L

visit Rent the Runway here.


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