Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Twists for 2010

If you followed fashion week as closely as I did, you got to see first hand the amazing couture creations our favorite ladies and gentlemen dreamed up for 2010. And now that spring is getting closer I'm so excited to be able to try some of these trends out!!

A big part of pulling off the look completely is the hairstyle. Without that it leaves something to be desired.

A trend I spied on the runway for Spring and Summer 2010 that I fell in love with were the designers who had their gorgeous models done up in expensive designs, perfect makeup, and then a surprisingly simple hairstyle: The Braid.

I know what you're thinking. Braids? They belong on horses... athletes... or the days when you dont feel like pulling a comb through your hair. Not so anymore. Models sported the look in a unique way.

Oscar de la Renta RTW 2010

Oscar de la Renta's take was in the form of the "milkmaid" style braid. Not my favorite, but the interwoven colorful ribbon further upgrades the look with a chic patch of color that also corresponds to the models outfit color scheme. The innocent allure of the models apperance is created due to the exposure of the face. The intense eyeliner on the models balances the youthful glow with the look of sophistication.

Missoni RTW 2010

The fishtail braids that rocked the Missoni runway during the Spring/Summer 2010 presentation were meant to project the new revolution of the braid. This style added a little more edge to the breezy summer dresses the models wore.

Alexander Wang RTW 2010

Alexander Wang happens to be one of my favorite designers, so of course I am biased and saved the best for last. But his take on braids was classic, and hard not to like. He substituted the fairy-tale side swept look (think Rapunzel) with a messy and more relaxed look that announces the arrival of a warmer season.

Braids were also spotted at the Oscars. Who do you feel rocked it better? Rachel or Kate?

I can't wait for spring! Can you?

xo L


miky said...

love lvoe love lvoe love this hair

Lauren said...

Rachel defiantly rocked it better! Kate’s hair looked like she was going for a jog and spent like thirty seconds on it. Rachel’s looks way more sophisticated with the extra volume on top.

Jonesy said...

I love the braid looK!

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