Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Taste of Spring

Today was the most beautiful day New Jersey has seen in months. In the 60s and sunny; I couldn't wait to get out of work and take my dog, Jordan, for a walk.

In my town, tucked away in the hills, there is an old castle that was built in the 1940s. Modeled after 15th century French chateau, it is a beautiful piece of history, and has been featured in Weird New Jersey due to its majestic but erie look. There is a nice park by it that Jordan loves, so I figured I'd take my chances with whatever may be haunting it. (My guess would be mice!)

[In this picture you can catch a glimpse of the belt from Zara I got over the weekend. I threw it on to jazz up my casual cardigan and leggings!]

Never to be without an accessory I grabbed my new piece before running out the door. This is my new two finger flower ring! I have quite a few of the double-finger style rings these days, but this is the newest, and I love it! Does it remind you of anything?

Double flower ring from Urban Outfitters.



Koral said...

Nice idea for a ring!!!
Love the graphic of your blog


Lauren said...

Love the ring and photos! Let me know where I can find more double finger rings like that.

Lindstyle said...

Hi ladies :) thanks for your nice comments!

The ring is from urban outfitters. I will put a link in this post so if you want one you can find it as well!

flavia said...

love your outfit...
ciao ragazze/i...volete cimentarvi anche voi con gli outfit? Benissimo su www.tenditrendy.com potete farlo...inviateci una foto con il vostro look preferito e l'elenco di cosa indossate e noi lo pubblicheremo nella sezione outfit on the web...aspettiamo tantissime foto baci baci
inviare la foto a tenditrendyinfo@gmail.co...m segnando nome, cognome e indirizzo...la fashion blogger x un giorno con il più bell'outfit on the web riceverà una gradevole sorpresa....

MEF said...

love your dog :D