Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Haute for Spring

I couldn't be more excited about the arrival of March 20th 2010. And what is so special about March 20th you ask? Well it is the first day of Spring! If you live on the east coast you know that this winter didn't kick into effect until February, when we were brutally hit with foot after foot of snow. Horrible!

So its only appropriate that I divulge into my top 5 Spring must haves!

5. Socks (knee-high, over-the-knee and thigh-high)

Hemlines will be creeping up shorter, but with chilly mornings and evenings still lingering these are not only fashionable but essential. The best part about investing in a few pairs is that they will still be appropriate come Fall.

4. Rompers and Jumpsuits

Every so often, one-piece styles of clothing have a revival. This trend started up again recently in early 2009 with bodysuits and leotards, and is now in full force towards jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers. I am still undecided about how they look on me but I won't rule them out just yet. Especially after seeing Nicole Richie in the one below. The belt is the magic touch and defines her waistline. Perfect! They won't be for everyone, but they will offer more options than you'd think.

3. Feathers

Spring's flirty new plume-trimmed trend pretty much guarantees a fun night out and a least ten screeches of “OMG, where did you get that?!” IMPORTANT: keep it simple! The feathers should be the most theatrical part of your outfit. Stay away from heavy jewelry. Only true peacocks can pull off those types of dramatics.

(Headband by Bebe)

2. Sparkle and Shine

Embellishment continues to climb the fashion charts with glitter, sequins, beading, and crystals. Even the most basic T-shirt is upgraded to total decadence this season. The best part about this trend? You can also do it yourself!

(Skirt by LaROK - I own this skirt and I LOVELOVE it!)

(Christian Louboutin Glitter Peep Toe Pumps)

1. Wedges

How excited are you that wedges are back?! This is my number one for a reason! With lots of legs this season, women are going to need a shoe that helps shape the legs and butt while still being walkable. This is the shoe! They're easy to move around in, or even run around in for that matter.

(Espadrilles by Valentino)

(Cynthia Vincent "Luella" wedge. Bought them!)

What are your Spring must haves?

xo L

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